What is Simpo Plus?

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We're on a mission to simplify software.

This means creating tools that remove complexity and make software easy to use every single day. Our belief is that software should be simple, easy to use, and be fun to interact with.

By using Simpo Plus, product managers at companies can onboard, educate, and collect feedback from users of internally built applications, even ones with complex flows.

Businesses are constantly deploying new applications to achieve efficiency gains and increase revenue. But getting users (such as store associates) to adopt them isn't easy since people tend to resist change.

In order to facilitate user adoption, it is vital to ensure users understand how to utilize applications, track their adoption, and get the feedback you need to improve them.

Positive Business Outcomes

Simpo Plus has helped our customers achieve 79% faster onboarding, 1.8x higher feature usage through the most complex flows, 3x growth in adoption, and more! Our customers can boost revenue from their applications by promoting their adoption and making them revenue-generating assets.

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How Simpo Plus Works

Unlike other systems, Simpo Plus does not require any coding knowledge. Simpo Plus adds guides, videos, in-app help, and surveys to existing or new applications without requiring changes to the architecture or engineering.

Guides help walk users through complex flows, announce new features, provide access to articles and videos, and collect qualitative and quantitative feedback.

Read more about the basics of Simpo Plus here.

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