What is Simpo Plus?

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We’re on a mission to make software simple.

That means creating tools that automate away complexity and make software easy to get started and easy to use – every day. We believe in three key pillars: software should be simple, software should make work easy, and software should make work fun

Simpo Plus enables product managers at companies to onboard, educate, and collect feedback from users of internally built applications – even ones with complex flows.

Organizations are constantly deploying new applications to enable efficiency gains and drive revenue. However, getting users (such as store associates) to use them isn’t easy because people resist change.

A pre-requisite to successful change management in driving adoption is ensuring users know how to use applications, tracking their adoption, and collecting user feedback to improve them.

Positive Business Outcomes

With Simpo Plus, our customers experience 79% faster onboarding, 1.8x higher feature usage through the most complex flows, 3x growth in adoption, and more! For our customers, promoting the adoption of an application can help drive revenue and ensure these applications are revenue-driving assets.

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How Simpo Plus Works

Simpo Plus is a no-code solution that takes minutes to install. With Simpo Plus, users can overlay guides, videos, in-app help, and surveys on top of existing or new applications without requiring architectural changes or engineering effort.

These guides help walk users step-by-step through complex flows, announce new features, provide access to knowledge articles and videos, and collect qualitative and quantitative user feedback.

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