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Our Taskslists lets you create a list of tasks for your user to complete. Tasks are Smart Walkthroughs, video or article Resources. Taskslists enable users to see their progress as they move through the tasks, improving the user experience, and pushing them to complete more Tasks and engage with Simpo Plus.

The Taskslists touch can be used to create a checklist for training purposes, improving conversion rates of free users to paid, or speeding product adoption.

Use Cases

Accelerate Training Give users a clear and straightforward path to complete training. For example, create a tasklist with all tasks necessary for a new employee to get started such as creating a profile, reading about company policies, signing up for HR benefits, and setting up an expense account.

Improve Conversion End customer confusion and make your product attractive and simple. For example, create a tasklist that shows off your product’s features and drives customers to action.

Promote Product Adoption Enhance the customer experience and increase loyalty by boosting engagement with your site. For example, create a checklist that takes the user through all the necessary processes to get started.

How It Works

  1. Accomplishments in an Tasklist are made using Smart Walkthrough, Articles or links.
Connect to
In order to add Walkthroughs or Articles, they need to be published before.

As each task is completed, the user’s progress will be updated in the progress bar.

  1. Representative

A representative or the person in charge of the tasks can be added in the second section by enabling the option and completing all the information.

  1. Additional information

A title and description can be added in the "Welcome Labels" section if any further information should be communicated to the users.

Welcome labels
Make it short and clear. The Title is limited to 30 characters and the Subtitle to 80
  1. Set the Search and Triggers
  2. Preview the new Taskslists

When clicking on the Preview icon Simpo will demonstrate how the Taskslists will appear on the website. Is a great moment to confirm that everything is looking nice!

Preview Task
  1. Save and publish.
If you have any questions or need further assistance please email us at support@simpo.io

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