Announcements FAQ

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What are Announcements?

The Announcement app is used to update, share a statement, and act as an overall welcome to the website for a first-time user. An announcement should be short and sweet, but efficient in drawing attention to your product.

What are Announcements used for?

Announcements are a versatile tool that can be used for a variety of purposes. Some of the common uses for Announcements include:

  • Welcoming users to the product
  • Announcing a new feature
  • Sharing release notes
  • Embedding videos or images
  • Raising awareness about an event or webinar
  • Introducing Account Managers or Customer Success Managers
  • Alerting users of system-wide events
  • Connecting users to other Simpo Plus Tools, like Walkthroughs or Surveys

How do I create an Announcement?

Announcements are easy to build with our visual editor!

Read how to create an Announcement here.

How do I add Simpo Plus Tools to my Announcement?

Simpo Plus's Tools can be accessible within Announcement via hyperlinks. Find a tool's link by visiting the settings of an individual tool. Clicking the "Link To..." button will copy the link to your clipboard.

You can then copy the link into the "Insert a Link" option found in Content tabs.

Can I add Custom CSS to Announcements?

Yes! You can add custom CSS to Announcements for even more control of their design! You can find the custom CSS field in the Design Drawer under the "Advanced" section.

You can add or edit the announcement's HTML attributes from the code to create the custom CSS

Where can Announcements be shown?

Announcements are not just limited to being shown on login, they can be used anywhere on your product! Like most of Simpo Plus's tools, Announcements have Trigger and Search options - allowing you to show content for certain audiences or after certain events.

Read more about Triggers here.

What happens if two Announcements trigger at the same time?

If two Announcements appear at the same time, they will be shown in a carousel where the Announcement with the earliest publication date will be shown first.

If users do not scroll through all Announcements in the carousel, they will not count as viewed and will be shown again when their Trigger conditions are met.

Will unpublishing and republishing an Announcement show it to all users again?

No. Once a user has seen an Announcement, it will not be shown again regardless of published status or Triggers.

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