Importing and Exporting Content between Simpo Plus Accounts

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Simpo Plus allows its users to easily transfer content between Simpo Plus accounts.

For customers who take advantage of both Simpo Plus Staging and Production accounts, you can now seamlessly transfer content between the two.

In the example below, we will use the Simpo Plus Announcements tool to demonstrate how to transfer content from one account to another.

Getting Started: Exporting and Importing Information

Once you have navigated to the specific Simpo Plus Tool that you are looking to export from, you can select the individual content you are looking to export via the Checkbox (as seen below) on the left side of your screen.


Once you have selected the Simpo Plus Tool you would like to export, you then have the ability to select the Export button on the right side of the screen (highlighted below).

If your Simpo Plus Tool has specific Segments and Triggers saved, these will also be exported and transferred over to the new account. There is no need to recreate Segments or Triggers as these will be captured with the Export / Import functionality.

After you select Export, you are prompted with the ability to "Copy to another account" which will allow to select the new account where you want to import the information. You will also have the option to "Export tools dependencies" which you can then select or deselect. When you select Export tools Dependencies, this will also export any connected links you have with the Simpo Plus Tool.

An example of when to enable Export tools dependencies: If you have an Announcement with a connected Walkthrough and you would like to export both the Announcement and Walkthrough together, you would select the box. This setting will export both the Tools together into your new account. If you only want to export the Announcement, you would deselect the box.

Once you click on Export, you will be presented with a prompt to confirm your choices.

Importing Content

After you have confirmed Export all of the Simpo Plus Tools you are looking to transfer into the new account and you will automatically be taken to the new account with your transferred content!

PRO TIP: If we recognize that you have Simpo Plus Tools with the same name and content, the system will automatically update the Simpo Plus Tool name to {Simpo Plus tool name} (imported) to help you differentiate between what content was imported.
If you have any questions on how to Export and Import your content, please connect us at

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