Tips for Creating Great Articles

Updated 5 months ago by Wesley Faulkenberry

1) Sync with your existing knowledge base

If you have an existing knowledge base, it is likely that Simpo Plus can integrate with it! With a Simpo Plus integration, you can continue to house and edit your content in your help center while making it searchable within Simpo Plus!

Read more about Article integrations here.

2) Embed media

Like most of Simpo Plus's Tools, media can be added to Articles to create engaging content. While text-based guides can be helpful to many users, consider adding a video guide to your Article to make it appealing to different types of users. Images can also provide guidance where words alone cannot.

You can find the options to embed media on the right side of the Editing Bar.

3) Segment your Articles

As helpful as knowledge bases can be, the amount of information in them can be overwhelming to some users. Perhaps they don't know what to search for or are having trouble parsing what is relevant to them. The more effort that is required by your users to find answers, the fewer actually find the help they need.

Prevent this by Segmenting your Articles. By using the Trigger and Search tabs, you can help surface relevant content depending on the user type or where they are in your platform. A basic example is to show feature-based Articles to only the users that can access those features.

Reduce user effort to keep them engaged and in your product!

4) Customize the Launchpad

Similar to the previous tip, you can "push" relevant Articles to the Simpo Plus Quick Search. The Quick Search is where the default search results are shown. Use Search Suggestions to show relevant content to your users before they even search. The more you customize your Quick Search to your platform and user types, the less effort is needed from your end-users.

5) Add additional titles

Now that you have created an awesome set of Articles, what should you name them? Some common articles may go by several names. An article named "Onboarding Guide" might also be called "First Steps" or "Getting Started" depending on the user searching. With Simpo you are able to give content like Articles Additional Titles, or other titles they can be found by. These alternative titles can be helpful if you notice that your users are searching for one thing, but are clicking on something else.

Pay attention to your users' searching and feedback to determine if they are finding what they need.
Don't be afraid to modify your titles or search suggestions!

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