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Have a question about the Simpo Plus Search Bar? Take a look at our most frequently asked questions!

Can I customize the search results?

You can! By default, Simpo Plus presents users with the most popular options but you can configure the search results in a variety of ways. Search results can be customized to the user type, a particular account, or even to the page the search is accessed on.

Read more about customizing your search results here.

Yes, like many of Simpo Plus's tools you can apply CSS to change their appearance. To do so, navigate to Simpo Plus's Configuration Page and locate the field titled, "Application Appearance" under Advanced Configuration.

Change the background and text color and font here using any or all of the below selectors.



.simpo-search-items-container {


Main quick search container

.simpo-search-item {


Quick Search items

.simpo-search-item-active {


Selected item

.simpo-input-container {


Quick Search text field

.simpo-input-container input{


Quick Search text field text

.simpo-modal-title {


"How Can I Help?" Title

You can also customize the look of individual search results as well. Read more here.

Can I change the widget's position based on the device?

The widget placement can be customized using custom CSS under Advanced Settings > Application Appearance.

This CSS template can be used:

  /* tablet */
@media screen and (max-width: 912px) {
.simpo-launchpad-widget {
left: 10px;
right: auto;

/* mobile landscape */
@media screen and (max-width: 720px) {
.simpo-launchpad-widget {


/* mobile portrait */
@media screen and (max-width: 468px) {
.simpo-launchpad-widget {



Can I create custom search results, unrelated to a Simpo Plus tool?

You can! You can create search results that are not connected to one of Simpo Plus's tools. The search result could be a hyperlink, a custom script, a call to another tool, or so much more.

Read more about how to create custom results here.

Is it possible to change the priority of search results when similar titles?

There is currently no way to adjust the priority of search results with the same or very similar titles. Priority can be given to a particular result by reducing similar titles or through the use of additional titles.

Learn more about additional titles here.

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