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The Simpo Widget is the engine that powers everything related to your Simpo Tools. The Widget is how your end-users will start their Simpo journey by accessing the information they are looking for. By clicking the Widget, a user can access the Search Bar for everything related to what you have created in Simpo or integrated into Simpo.

Customize the Simpo Widget

The Widget is fully customizable and can be made to reflect any type of branding or custom CSS. In order to edit, you can follow the steps below:

  1. Click on the Edit Gear in the top right-hand corner of the Simpo Dashboard
  2. Once on this page, you can start editing everything from the Widget text color, background color, and even the design of the Search Bar
The Simpo Launchpad Widget field allows you to change the location of where/how the Simpo Widget appears on your web application. The Simpo Main Container allows you to change the actual appearance of the Simpo Main Container.

Alternatives to the Simpo Widget

You are not limited to launching the Simpo Search Bar from the Widget only.

Simpo can be activated by attaching the console command below to any element in your product.

Once attached, users can launch Search with just a click!

Ready to customize the rest of the Search Bar? Read more here.

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