Getting Started with Simpo

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Welcome to Simpo! 🎉

We are thrilled to have you! Simpo is a platform that makes SaaS users successful - from Trial to Renewal, at scale. In this article, you will find instructions on how to create your first Announcement and how to publish it.

To get started on your Simpo account, sign-up for a trial, login, and select 'Getting Started' on the Navigation Bar to complete the steps below.

1. Create a user Segment

Segments let you target just part of your user population based on user attributes called Traits - like how long ago a user joined, the plan they're on, and more.

Let's create the "New User" Segment. We've prepopulated some options for you on the getting started page, but when you're creating your own, you can make them more complex.

Click Save when you are ready to create your Announcement. Don't worry - you can always change this later!

Want to learn more about Segments? Read about how to create them here.

2. Create your first Touch

A Touch is an in-app experience that shows up for just the right user Segments. There are many different types of Touches, and you can see all of them in the menu on the left.

Let's start with an Announcement to welcome users. Announcements are a handy "pop-up" that can be used to welcome users to your product, notify them of changes, or encourage them to take an action.

Creating an Announcement is as easy as using a word processor. Here are some of the tools you can use to create your Announcement:

  1. Click on these buttons to make your selected text bolditalicized, or underlined.
  2. Change the text color, size, and style here.
  3. Change the text alignment, add bulleted or numbered lists, or add a quotation block here.
  4. Add hyperlinks, images, videos, or view your content via code.
  5. Finally, you can undo or redo your changes here.

All finished? Click Save to continue!

Want to learn all about creating Announcements? Read more here.

3. Decide how to experience Simpo during the trial

When you're ready to go live with Simpo, a developer will need to install a code snippet. During the trial, you have three options available to you:

  1. Try Simpo on a mock product called the "Simpo Playground" - this is the recommended choice for the Simpo trial as it requires no installation to publish content.
  2. Try Simpo on my own product (with a browser Extension) - this option allows you to build Simpo content on your own product, but it will only be visible for you.
  3. Try Simpo on my own product (by installing a code snippet) - this is the full installation of Simpo. Note, publishing content with this option will appear to end-users of your product!

Click Next to move to the next step!

While we recommend using the "Simpo Playground" for publishing your first Simpo Touch, you can read more about how to install Simpo via our Chrome Extension or our JavaScript Snippet.

4. Publish and start exploring Simpo

Until you install Simpo using the code-snippet, only your will be able to see Simpo Touches.

Click Publish to deploy your Announcement!

If you opted to use the Simpo Chrome Extension, you will be brought to the download page.

Congratulations! You have completed Getting Started with Simpo and now have full access to the Simpo platform!

Have questions about Simpo, its pricing tiers, or just want to say hello? Reach out to us at!

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