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What are Traits?

Traits are characteristics you send to Simpo Plus from your product about your users. They are the “adjectives” that describe your users. Examples include things like Name, Email Address, Company, Role, Created Date, etc.

Why send user Traits to Simpo Plus?

One of the powerful features of Simpo Plus is the ability to specifically target users based on who they are or where they are in their product journey. For example, you may want to target “new developer admins”, for which you would need to know “created date,” “role,” and “team.” All of these are user Traits you can send to Simpo Plus.

Which Traits should I send?

Here’s a set of recommendations to start sending first. You can always add more later as needed, but (as you probably know), engineering time can be hard to come by! You can make a copy of the recommended Traits by clicking here.




User ID

Used to identify a user beyond Simpo Plus's default anonymous ID

Email Address

Can be used for various identification.



Created Date (user)

For knowing how long a user has been using your product.

Company Name

For segmenting content.

Plan Type 

Example: trial, paid. Helpful for converting users.

Plan Tier

Example: standard, enterprise. Helpful for driving plan upgrades.


Example: admin, standard.


Example: marketing, sales. Or any other way you segment your users.


Example: state, zip, country, etc. (use multiple properties). Target on where your customer lives.


If users can be on different versions of your application they may need to see different content.

Beta User

To communicate with users who have access to certain features.


For multi-language applications.

Renewal Date

To remind users to renew.

Account Manager

For segmenting by assigned CSM or Account Manager.

How can I see what Traits are being passed to Simpo Plus?

You can view what Traits are being passed to Simpo Plus by visiting your platform and navigating to the "Trigger" tab found on Simpo Plus Touch page.

Alternatively, you can launch Developer Tools (when in the Chrome Browser).

  1. Open Developer Tools by right-clicking anywhere on the page and selecting Inspect.
  1. Navigate to the Console tab found on the top of the window.
  1. Type in simpo.config.param and hit the "enter" key.
  1. Finally, the console will list out the current Traits being passed to Simpo Plus.
Not seeing the Trait you want? Reach out to us at, and we would be happy to assist.

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