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Brief Overview

Launchers are quick-start buttons you can use on your website that, when clicked, launch another Simpo Plus action, such as playing a walkthrough, an article, opening a URL, or opening a survey.

Launchers are highly effective tools for increasing user engagement and solving common interface problems. Launchers can provide help to users when they need it and where they need it.

You can anticipate their challenges and place Launchers directly where additional guidance may be needed. This is because users may not be aware of the existence of support resources within Quick Search.

The actions that Launchers initiate get more attention and have a greater impact.

Use Cases

Launcher use cases include the following:
  • Play a Walkthrough: Give users the option to start a Walkthrough immediately from an FAQ page;
  • Open an text or video article: Provide users with multimedia assistance when they need it most;
  • Open a URL: Place links to important resources or other websites at the user’s fingertips;
  • Launch a Survey: Prompt users to complete a satisfaction Survey;
  • Open a Taskslists: Remind a new employee of their remaining Onboarding tasks.
  • Play an Announcement: Provide the the users with important information;
  • Open the Quick Search: Direct users to the list of content created for them. This can work as a replacement for the widget.
A launcher can only connect to and open published content. 

How It Works

As soon as a page loads, Simpo Plus will check segmentation rules to determine what items are relevant to that page. Once that is determined, Simpo Plus will search for the relevant elements.

Using Segmentation conditions, you can display Launchers only to specific target audiences, on certain pages, or under specific conditions.

An individual launcher can only appear on the page (URL) where it is created, and not on multiple pages.

Creating A Launcher

  1. Navigate to the Launchers section of the left panel and click on New Launcher
  2. Specify the title and page where the launcher will appear, then click 'Go to builder'.
  3. Click the + icon and choose the element that the launcher will be connected to, this will be its location.
  4. Establish the general settings, the design, and refine the position.
  • General: Set the text, action, and select the element again if needed
  • Design: What the default and hover status will look like in the launcher
  • Position: Where will it be located, customize, and move it.
  1. Once you have the desired launcher, update the changes and save them.

Customizing the launcher's default design

It is possible to customize the default design of launchers using CSS. New launchers will automatically adopt this look and feel.

It is still possible to customize them to fit specific uses by individually changing them.

Here are the steps for changing the CSS.

  1. Navigate to the Launcher page.
  2. Click the Customize option on the top right.
  1. Create your custom CSS.
Each line of CSS must contain !important at the end to be applied to the design.
  1. Save
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