Tips for Creating Great Shortcuts

Updated 8 months ago by Wesley Faulkenberry

1) Use for repetitive or frequent tasks

Simpo Shortcuts are perfect for replacing a series of clicks. If you notice your users have to do the same process repeatedly, consider creating a Shortcut for it instead! Not only will it reduce user fatigue, but it will likely speed up the process as well.

Prevent this!

Read about how to create a Shortcut here.

2) Make accessible and relevant

Like all of Simpo's tools, the impact of Shortcuts is determined by how accessible they are. Make your Shortcuts searchable and give them additional titles to make them easy for your users to find. Take it a step further by making the Shortcut only show to relevant users!

Read more about Search here.

3) Keep it short (if possible)!

Much like Walkthroughs, keep your Shortcuts, well, short! By paying close attention to what is needed by users and where there may be "drop-off" from the Shortcut, you can make sure your content is the optimum length to prevent frustration.

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