Simpo Plus Requirements

Updated 4 months ago by Wesley Faulkenberry

Requirements for Using Simpo Plus

There are three things you will need in order to use Simpo Plus:

  1. A web application that your users can access using a web browser.
  2. The ability to install a snippet of code into that application or the ability to download the Simpo Plus Chrome extension.
  3. A modern browser for creating content.

Most websites and platforms will fit these requirements, but keep reading if you have additional questions or concerns.

Internet Connectivity

Your application must be reachable over the internet by a URL. If you're not sure, you can use or another similar tool to test your site out.

Browser Support

Creating Simpo Plus Content:

If installed via JavaScript (recommended): You can create content with any browser.

If installed via Chrome extension: You can only create content with the Google Chrome browser.

Viewing Simpo Plus Content:

Our solution is designed to support every modern browser as well as the more popular legacy browsers.

  • Most versions of Chrome
  • Safari
  • Firefox
  • Edge

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