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Simpo Plus's Configuration Page is where changes can be made to your account on a global level. There, you can find settings for the Simpo Widget, Search and Article appearance, Simpo Plus's installation path, and more.

Please reach out to us at if you are unsure of any of the options found on the Configuration Page. We are always happy to assist!

Where is the Simpo Plus Configuration Page?

The Configuration Page can be accessed from any dashboard page by clicking the gear icon in the upper-righthand corner, next to your account name.

Configuration Page Settings

General Tab

The General tab is where you can find settings for installation, tool appearance, and other global settings for your Simpo Plus account.


You can view both the Minified and Unminified versions of Simpo Plus's JavaScript here. Below, you can also find your Unique Client ID (UCID).

What's the difference between Minified and Unminified code?
Typically, unminified code is easier for developers to work with but does not perform quite as well as minified code due to the larger size. As such, we recommend using the minified snippet when installing Simpo Plus on production sites for optimal performance.
Application Appearance

The Application Appearance field allows changes to be made to the appearance of Simpo Plus's Search Bar and Article windows using CSS.

Additional Configuration

  1. The Base URL is the domain name of the site where Simpo Plus is installed. Using a Google search as an example, the Base URL would be
  2. The Full Site URL is the entire URL of the site where Simpo Plus is installed. Using a Google search as an example, the Full Site URL would be
  3. Simpo Plus Audience is a global segment option for all of Simpo Plus. If you want all of Simpo Plus to be visible to a particular audience or area of your platform, set it here.
Both the Base URL and Full Site URL must stem from the same URL for Simpo Plus to function. Changing either of these URLs is likely to cause your Simpo Plus tools to break!

Traits & Events Tab

The Traits & Events tab is where you can view all Traits and Activities currently being passed into your Simpo Plus account. There, you can search for specific parameters, view their display names, type, and when they were last used.

Integrations Tab

The Integrations Tab is where you can the available outbound integrations that Simpo supports. Here, you can enable integrations with a single click! When enabled, Simpo pushes data captured on the platform to your favorite tools.

Learn more about how our integrations work here.

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