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Brief Overview

You can use Tips to give instructions, explain how to do something, or let users know about something.

Tips tooltips provide additional context and information to your users. Individual Tips are created within Sets, which are groups of Tips appearing on the same form or page.

Tips can be used instead of or along with Walkthroughs. Tips are ideal for helping to solve forms' problems, as well as providing a way to validate the information entered.

Use Case

Additional information is displayed to users beyond what is on the page or in an input field.

It might be useful to place a Tip on a Name field to indicate that the user needs to enter both his/her first AND last name. The Tip on this field will appear constantly on the page and display the message "Enter your First and Last Name" when hovered over.

How it works

Tooltips can appear on icons or directly over selected elements. If the Tip is set to display over the element, it will appear when the user focuses on the field (hovers, clicks or tabs into). 


Sets are collections of related Tips that appear on the same page.

Similar to Walkthrough steps, Tips are created within a Set. No Tip can exist without a Set, just as no Step can exist without a Walkthrough.

The first step in creating Tips is to create the Set in which they will be grouped.

Creating Tips

  1. Create a new Tips Set
    1. The Tips within the set will all appear on the same page
  2. Add a Tip inside the set
  3. Enter a Guidance message (required)
  4. Customize
    1. Choose between using an icon and the element itself (None option)
    2. Set a design, color and position of the icon
    3. Refine the position of the Icon and Tooltip
  1. Add another one
  2. Preview the new Tips

Known Limitations

Lock to element:
The tips are tracked periodically, which causes them to move when scrolling before returning to their original position.
Tips are limited to one page (either a regular loaded page or SPA page)
Cross-page elements are currently not supported
If a tip appears in an element that is present on more than one page (e.g. in the header or footer), then it needs to be added to multiple sets.
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