Walkthrough FAQs

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What are Walkthroughs?

Walkthroughs are automated guides that educate users by interactively presenting step-by-step instructions on product features or pre-set processes. Helping navigate a website through touch-points and tooltips, a walkthrough highlights particular elements on a site and prompts a user to take an action.

Read more about Walkthroughs here.

What are Walkthroughs used for?

Walkthroughs are used for a variety of purposes including onboarding new users, delivering ongoing feature education, and providing low-touch support.

How do I create a Walkthrough?

Creating Walkthroughs is simple using our point-and-click Builder!

Read how to create a Walkthrough here.

How long can Walkthroughs be?

There is no limit to the length of Walkthroughs. However, we recommend Walkthroughs be less than 10 steps to prevent low completion rates.

Is there a way to show progress during a Walkthrough?

Yes! You can enable a progress bar on both a global level and on individual Walkthroughs.

Global Settings

You can enable the progress bar for all Walkthroughs by navigating to the Walkthrough Global Settings. These settings can be found via the "cog" icon in the upper-righthand corner after clicking the Walkthrough tool.

Individual Settings

You can enable the progress bar for individual Walkthroughs by clicking on the "cog" icon found in the bottom-righthand corner of the Walkthrough Builder Bar.

From there, navigate to the Design tab and enable Show Progress.

How do I add media to my Walkthrough?

Videos, GIFs, and images can be easily added to individual Walkthrough steps by either uploading the content or providing a direct link

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