Simpo Slack Integration

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Understanding and Installing the Simpo Slack Integration

The Simpo Slack integration allows you to receive and monitor your customer support tickets directly to your Slack channels. Real-time notifications on new tickets submitted to your Slack allow you to answer and engage with your customers right away.

The Simpo Slack integration is connected to a Dashboard on the Simpo Platform that allows you to filter and monitor all tickets.

Integrating Simpo onto your website

To integrate Slack with Simpo, you first need to embed Simpo with your website or platform.

Contact us at in order to set you up as a user on the Simpo platform.

To install Simpo on your website:

  1. Go to configurations on the dashboard using the gear icon located top-right of the page
  2. Fill in the base URL and full URL for your website
  1. Save
  2. Copy the script at the bottom of the page and paste it in the header section of your website
  1. Save it and refresh the page
  2. A pop up should appear in the bottom right corner of the page

  1. To use Simpo, click on the pop-up and enter your request in the bar

Installing the Simpo Slack Integration

To install the Simpo Slack Integration:

  1. Sign into the Simpo platform
  2. Create a support option by choosing "Tickets"

  1. Click on "new" to create a ticket
  1. Enter a title and choose “Slack” in the “solution” drop-down list
  1. Click on the ticket again and hit the “add to Slack” button

  1. Choose the channel through which you would like to receive the ticket
  2. Go on the website you have Simpo installed on and submit a support ticket
    1. If you did not receive the support ticket in your Slack, delete the ticket you have created and make a new one
      1. You can delete the support option by clicking the trash can icon on the right of its row

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