Editing Bar

Updated 9 months ago by Wesley Faulkenberry

The Editing Bar (sometimes referred to as the WYSIWYG Editor), is the set of options found on the Content tab of many Simpo Plus tools that allow you to modify the text of your content. If you have used a word processor in the past (Microsoft Word, Google Docs), you likely know many of the Editing Bar's features.

Continue reading to see the full break-down of everything you can do with the Editing Bar.

Using the Editing Bar

  1. Click on these buttons to make your selected text bold, italicized, or underlined.
  2. Change the text color, size, and style here.
  3. Change the text alignment, add bulleted or numbered lists, or add a quotation block here.
  4. Add hyperlinks, images, videos, or view your content via code.
  5. Finally, you can undo or redo your changes here.
Have any other questions or suggestions about the Editor Bar? Shoot us an email at support@simpo.io

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