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Traits and Activities are features of Simpo Plus that allow you to segment users and set triggers for content to appear. It is highly recommended to configure both to get the most out of your Simpo Plus Touches.

What are Traits?

Traits (previously known as Parameters) are characteristics of your users that, when passed to Simpo Plus, can be used to target specific groups or cohorts of users.

Some common examples of Traits include:

  • Name
  • Role
  • User ID (# or email)
  • Account Name
  • Plan Type
  • Permission Level
Not sure what to pass into Simpo Plus? View the full list of recommended Traits here.

How to pass in Traits?

Traits are passed in by using the simpo.identify call. This call to sent once in a user session and not to be used for tracking the user behavior (use the track call found under Activities below instead).

When viewing your installation of Simpo, the order of requests/call should be:

Simpo script - !function(){var o=window.simpo=window.simpo||[];if(!o……

simpo.identify(“userId”, {traits});


After Simpo Plus is loaded it is possible to call identify again. After any change of the user ID, Simpo Plus will reset the user identifier and will view the current user as new in the system.

Identify call options:



simpo.identify(“userId”, {traits})

"userId" is the user identifier in your Simpo Plus account. With it, Simpo Plus...

  • Prevents content from being shown to the user twice, unless set otherwise.
  • The user Id will be shown on Simpo Insights pages, providing more accurate data and the ability to view the entire user session.
The User ID should be a unique identifier and not changed once users are in your product. Read more about adding custom User IDs here.

Finally, {traits} are the chosen user characteristics, like role, plan, country or any other data that you wish to segment users by.

The actual structure of traits is a simple JSON object seen below.

 simpo.identify(‘John Doe’, {‘role’: ‘account manager’, ‘country’: ‘Colorado’});

Once a Trait is sent using the identify call, it will be added to your list of Custom Traits found the Trigger tab and Segments page.

Updating Traits

After receiving a new value for a user Trait, the value of the Trait will be updated. When sending new Traits, the previous traits won’t be removed and the new trait will be added to the previous ones.

What are Activities?

Activities are user-created events that take place in your product. Did you track if your users upload a file, invite a team member, or attach payment info? If so, you can pass in that event or Activity to Simpo Plus and create a trigger based on it for content to appear.

Some examples of Activities include:

  • Download a file
  • Invite teammates
  • Add personal details
  • Cancel a subscription
  • Leave feedback

How to pass in Activities?

Activities are passed in by using the simpo.track call. Activities track user behavior and deploy Touches when a user completes a certain action.

Some examples include tracking clicks on a button, using a feature for the first time (or even ‘X’ times).

For tracking user activity, use this line of code: 


Multiple tracked events would look like:


The defined activity will be then attached to the current user by their UUID (or User ID).

Every time Simpo Plus receives a tracked activity with an attached user, it accumulates the number of occurrences - something can be used when setting a rule-based on certain behaviors.

For example,

Activity -> export-xls -> Has occurred -> 5 times -> in the past 7 days.

Unsure on how to best utilize Traits and Activities in your product? Reach out to us at

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