Deploying Simpo Plus via Snippet

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Brief Overview

The Simpo Plus Player snippet is what allows Simpo Plus to run on your website. The snippet enable pages and browsers to access published Simpo Plus files on a server, allowing users to access and play what you create.

The snippet is a piece of JavaScript code that must be running in an end-user’s browser for Simpo Plus to work on the page. Each snippet is associated with a specific Simpo Plus Editor account. When items are published, they are accessible to end-users that have the associated snippet enabled on their browser.

Installing Simpo Plus with a code snippet:

If you are able to modify the HTML of the website, you can paste the Simpo Plus snippet into the head tags of the pages where you want Simpo Plus to appear.

With the snippet in place, Simpo Plus will be available to all users on every page-load. This is the preferred option for external-facing applications, because end-users do not need to download or install anything for Simpo Plus to work.

In order to deploy the snippet, simply copy it from your account and paste it before the <body> end tag of your website or application.

Consider passing in parameters during Simpo Plus installation, such as user IDs, user details, or any other parameters. You can learn more about this here.
If you're passing in user configuration via a call simpo.configure({ ... }), you'll need to do so above the simpo.load("YOUR_UCID").

More information about configuration-More information about configuration-specific user ID and parameters can be found here.
<script type="text/javascript">
!function(){var o=window.simpo=window.simpo||[];if(!o.initialize&&!o.invoked){o.invoked=!0,o.methods=["configure","identify","reset","ready","debug","off","on","open"],o.generator=function(t){return function(){var;return e.unshift(t),o.push(e),o}};for(var e=0;e<o.methods.length;e++){var t=o.methods[e];o[t]=o.generator(t)}o.load=function(e){var t=document.createElement("script");t.type="text/javascript",t.async=!0,t.src="",o.ucid=e,o.customerSnippet=!0;var n=document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0];n.parentNode.insertBefore(t,n)},o.SNIPPET_VERSION="2.0.0"}}();;

/* any call to simpo.configure goes here */
/* User ID and parameter example:
simpo.identify(user_id_variable,{name:userName , email:userEmail});*/

Your UCID (Unique Customer ID) can be found at the bottom of the configuration page of the Simpo dashboard.

Troubleshooting and extra configurations

Base URL configuration

The URLs where the content is expected to appear need to be added to the configuration page under Advanced Configuration, so that the published content is connected with the embedded snippet.

Addition syntax

Please try adding it as follows if the snippet does not load after embedding:

<script type="text/javascript">

Using Google tag manager.

Here are the steps to follow.

If you have any questions, please contact us at

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