Add User IDs to Simpo Plus

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Simpo Plus automatically creates anonymous user IDs for your users.

Alternatively, if you would like to identify your users by name, email, or ID number, you will need to pass that information to Simpo Plus by using the identify option in the snippet.

The information obtained will then be applied to custom traits.

Passing user ID to Simpo Plus dashboard

To change the ID used to identify a user in the Simpo Plus dashboard, you'll need to pass in a separate UUID trait with the call below:


This trait can be an email, a name, user id, or anything you'd like.

Passing variables is a great way to identify the users and use this information after for traits, segmentation and analytics.
PRO TIP: By configuring User IDs, you can easily track your end-users behavior as well as automatically track which end-users send you feedback or Support Tickets.

Passing other user details

To pass in user details into Simpo Plus, simply add them into the user object in the Simpo Plus configuration.

The user name and email traits are only used to identify a user when the user submits a ticket.

You'll need to do this before the call to simpo.load("YOUR_CLIENT_ID")

A variable can be used to give each user its own identifier.
simpo.identify('some-user-identifier', { 
user: {
name: 'John Smith',
email: Content.value

Passing arbitrary traits

To pass in any trait to Simpo Plus, simply add them into the identify object in the Simpo Plus configuration.

It's possible to add any trait that you want in order to use in the Triggers feature and other sections in Simpo Plus:

simpo.identify('some-user-identifier', { 
anyTrait: true,
userType: "Free",
sectionType: 6
When passing Traits or User IDs into Simpo Plus, please do this BEFORE the call to simpo.load("YOUR_CLIENT_ID").
When passing parameters, Simpo Plus will identify the type of data (Boolean, number, strings, etc.) and provide options based on that when creating traits after.

A combined call example

// Simpo Javascript installation goes here

Language: "es"

simpo.identify(window.user_id,{status:window.onboarding ,});

// simpo.load call goes here

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