Signing up for a Simpo Plus 14-Day Trial Account

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Congratulations on starting your 14-Day trial account with Simpo Plus! We are excited to help you explore Simpo Plus's platform and, more importantly, help your users use your product.

Getting Started

  1. Before creating any Simpo Plus Tools, please be sure to add the Simpo Chrome Extension and follow these directions on how to use the extension here.
Please do not download the extension if the snippet has already been embedded on the site.
Simpo Plus will load from the snippet directly.
  1. Once you've added the Simpo Plus Chrome Extension, please navigate to the Configuration page in the top right of the page:
  1. On the Configuration page, you will need to add in a specific Base URL and Full Site URL as seen below. Here is an example of a Base URL and Full Site URL:
  • Base URL:
  • Full Site URL:
Your Base URL and Full Site URL must be entered because these are the URLs where you will see the Simpo Plus Tools you create and publish.
Without them, Simpo Plus will not load.

  1. After adding in the Base URL and Full Site URL, you are now ready to start creating Simpo Tools and publishing them on your web application.
PRO TIP: If you have any questions you can send an email to

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