Using Google Tag Manager to Add the Simpo Plus Snippet

Updated 6 months ago by Axel Resnik

Brief Overview

Using Google Tag Manager, you can easily integrate the Simpo Plus snippet into your website's HTML code. This allows you to eliminate the need to embed it on each page.

Please follow the steps below to embed the snippet into your website using Google Tag Manager. Please contact Support if you encounter any problems.

Steps For Setting Up Simpo Plus Using Google Tag Manager .

  1. Log in to your Google Tag Manager account.
  2. In the New Tag card, click on ADD A NEW TAG:
  1. Enter Simpo Plus as the tag name, and click SAVE:
  1. Click the grey circle in the Tag Configuration section.
  2. Select Custom HTML as the tag type:
  1. Paste the Simpo Plus snippet into the HTML field:
  1. Click the grey circle in the Triggering section.
  2. Select the All Pages option:
  1. Click SAVE again.
  2. Click SUBMIT on the Tags page:
  1. Finally, click PUBLISH on the Submit Changes page:

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