What is SimpoCare?

Updated 6 months ago by Wesley Faulkenberry

SimpoCare is a service offered when you become a customer of Simpo. We created SimpoCare after hearing from numerous users of other platforms who struggled with capturing the full value of the platform simply because they received little to no guidance on what content to build to drive value!

SimpoCare is designed to address this. If Simpo (the platform) is the path to digital adoption, SimpoCare acts as your guide. Think of it as a partnership where we not only help you identify your digital adoption goals, but we help you build the right experiences as well. Your success is our success!

What do I get with SimpoCare?

SimpoCare grants access to a variety of resources including:

  • A thorough onboarding process to train users and identify goals
  • A dedicated Slack channel to the SimpoCare team, which consists of Customer Success, Developer, and Engineering team members. We are tasked with driving as much value for you as possible!
  • Regular check-ins with a dedicated Customer Success representative
  • Quarterly Bussiness Reviews (QBRs) to share product roadmap, measure progress, and set new goals
  • And more to come!

What plans come with SimpoCare?

While all of our packages come with some degree of support, only our Pro and Enterprise packages have full access to SimpoCare.

Want to learn more about what SimpoCare could look like for your team? Reach out to your Customer Success Rep or message us at support@simpo.com!

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