Foreign Languages

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Simpo supports a wide range of languages for the end-user experience.

Simpo has out of the box solutions and translations for:
  • English - en
  • Dutch - de
  • French - fr
  • Spanish - es
  • Hebrew - he
  • Japanese - jp
  • Portuguese - pr
  • German - ge
  • Russian - ru
  • Italian - il

In order to have Simpo reflect the specific language of the account, you will need to pass in the language desired. Your engineering team can pass this into Simpo via our Params and a simpo.configure API Parameter. 

Here are some examples of how this would be implemented on your front-end:

Example: French



Example: Spanish



At this time, Simpo only has translations for the copy found in the end-user experience.

Here are the specific areas that would be translated. This will reflect the language that is associated with their accounts. 

// bar

bar.defaultTitle': 'How Can I Help?',

bar.ticketTitle': 'Create Support Ticket',

bar.successTitle': 'Thank You. We'll Be in Touch Shortly.',

bar.goBack': 'Go back',

bar.query.ticketPlaceholder': 'Describe your issue or request',

bar.query.defaultPlaceholder': 'Start typing here...',

bar.query.inlineDefaultPlaceholder': 'Search everywhere...',

bar.query.showExample': 'Show Example',

bar.query.takeMeThere': 'Take Me There',

// onboarding

onboarding.intro': 'I can help you get things done at {companyName}.',

onboarding.callToAction': 'Ask me anything or pick from the suggestions below',

onboarding.textWhenResultsShown': 'Press enter to choose the highlighted result',

onboarding.dontTouch': 'Got it. No need to touch anything...',

onboarding.inputPlaceholder': 'Start typing here...',

onboarding.gotIt': 'Got it',

onboarding.goBack': 'Back',

// launchables

shortcut.inProgress': 'In Progress...',

walkthrough.inProgress': 'Playing Walkthrough',

// article

article.newWindow': 'Open in new window',

ticket.triggerWords': ['help', 'support', 'human', 'person' 'answer', 'agent', 'representative', 'customer service', 'talk', 'phone', 'call', 'chat'],

ticket.namePlaceholder': 'Your Name',

ticket.emailPlaceholder': 'Email Address',

ticket.commentPlaceholder': 'Comments',

ticket.upload.filesSelected': '{count} files selected',

ticket.upload.defaultCaption': 'Add File',

ticket.errors.invalid': 'Error. Some fields are missing or invalid.',

ticket.submit.progressLabel': 'Submitting...',

ticket.submit.defaultLabel': 'Send',

// additional support options

additionalSupport.openChat': 'Open chat support',

additionalSupport.phoneSupport': 'Phone Support:',

// notifications': 'Was this helpful?',': 'Thanks for your feedback!',': 'Send',': 'We're sorry to hear that. Could you tell us what we could do better?',': 'We appreciate your opinion, is there anything else you would like to add?',

notifications.errors.cancelled': 'Shortcut cancelled',

notifications.errors.cancelled.walkthrough': 'Walkthrough cancelled',

notifications.errors.failed': 'Sorry, this shortcut cannot be completed at this time.',

notifications.errors.failed.walkthrough': 'Sorry, this walkthrough cannot be completed at this time.',

notifications.errors.chatUnavailable': 'Sorry, chat is unavailable right now.',

notifications.errors.searchItemUnavailable': 'Sorry, this option is not available right now.',

// confirm

confirm.areYouSure': 'Are you sure?',

// general

common.yes': 'Yes',': 'No',

common.ok': 'OK',

common.cancel': 'Cancel',

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